Frequently Asked Question

1Can we cure pimples?

Pimples medically termed acne vulgaris is a disorder of sebaceous glands. Hormones, stress & sometime food are main trigger for breakouts. Yes, pimples can be cured with proper treatment. It needs a course as suggested by doctor according to the severity of pimples which may range from 6 months to 18 months on an average.

2 Shall we apply creams got from local medical store for fairness, pimples and itching for temporary relief?

Over the counter medicines bought from medicals shops usually provides temporary relief from skin disease because they usually contain a combination of steroids. It may feel better in short term but if you continue using for long time, it may damage your skin permanently in many ways. So always consult your dermatologist before applying any cream/lotion for any skin disease/fairness/pimples

3What is chemical peeling and What are its benefits?

Chemical peeling is a technique in which mild acids derived from natural sources like glycolic acid, mandelic acid, salicylic acid are used and skin is exfoliated and rejuvenated. It is different from facials done in beauty saloon. Person with pimples, scars, blackspots, aging, dull skin and wrinkles will get benefits from this procedure.

4 Are there effective treatments available for psoriasis?

Psoriasis needs long term treatment. It can be controlled or cured depending upon the type of psoriasis. Apart from regular effective medicines like moisturizers and tablets, recently introduced treatment like biological are available today with negligible side effects. So with available treatment options now, psoriasis can be effectively managed in most cases.

5 Can we prevent hairloss and regrow the lost hairs?

There are many causes of hairloss. Most common is hormonal/nutritional cause in females and genetic/stress in males. We usually run a battery of diagnostic tests if necessary to identify the root cause of hairfall and give treatment accordingly. Hair regrowth is possible in most cases.

6 Is there any treatment available for fading my scars?

Scars are formed after accidents, surgery, burns, pimples & boils. If you have any of such scars, it can be treated with specific lasers and other procedures. You can expect a satisfactory improvement in your scar and it will disappear gradually after each treatment.

7 What is PRP treatment and how does it work?

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment is a process which involves collecting your own blood followed by centrifuging and separating plasma containing high concentration of blood cells called platelets. Then this solution is injected into scalp for hair regrowth and scar rejuvenation/glow for face(Vampire facial). This procedure is relatively safe since we are injecting your own plasma into your skin.

8 I have unwanted hairs over face and I am embarrassed as I am a girl. Shall I remove it permanently?

Unwanted hairs over face commonly referred to as hirsuitism. Diode/Triple wavelength/Nd Yag lasers are all available for removing unwanted excessive hair over any part of the body. We can ensure near complete hair reduction over a course of time to be determined according to your hair & skin type.

9 Is there any treatment available for skin whitening?

Who doesn’t want a fairer & glowing skin tone. There are many ways to whiten your skin. We do provide a range of whitening treatment options like chemical peels, glutathione therapy, radiofrequency & mesotherapy to brighten & rejuvenate your skin.

10 I have severe dandruff problem for long time. Kindly suggest a solution?

Dandruff is caused by dry scalp & fungus. Sometimes it can be sign of internal disorder. So you need to check with your skin doctor for finding cause of dandruff. After knowing cause, dandruff can be cured.

“Stressing over hair fall causes hair fall”