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Hair loss is a pressing concern that needs to be addressed by professional help. Losing so much of your hair every time you comb or wash your hair is never a good sign. One must take proper diagnosis and hair treatment for hair growth. Dr. Madhu Sudhanan is one of the reliable doctors in Madurai for hair fall treatment.

Getting a Doctor’s help is best for hair loss treatment. A DIY approach will not always bring you the expected result. Thinning, Balding, Dandruff, and hair loss can happen due to different reasons.

Visit our clinic, get the best attention to your hair & scalp problem and never lose your confidence again.

Losing confidence in public due to bald spots? Need to Cover up your receding Hairline? Reach out to the Doctor now.

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Highlights of Best Hair Treatment at Madurai

    Guaranteed results in the speculated time frame
    A friendly and healthy hospital environment
    Standardized and advanced treatment
    Online consultation is available
    Pocket-friendly hair treatment

Causes of Hair problems

    There are multiple reasons for hair loss,
    Hormonal Conditions
    Other Medical conditions and their treatments
    Intense hair styling and usage of unsuitable hair products
    Consulting a doctor and identifying the cause of hair loss is the first step to healthy hair.

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Treatments for Hair loss:

    We provide proper medications and supplements to help prevent hair loss and boost hair growth.
    We use Platelet-rich plasma treatment for hair loss. PRP is a proven safe method to treat hair loss conditions.
    The plasma therapy takes only a few minutes to inject and one needs to take a few injections in the said interval to see good changes.
    Mesotherapy is one of the recent successful methods for hair growth. It is a non-surgical treatment that involves injecting vitamins into the scalp to boost hair growth.

    Dermarolling is now a common method for hair regrowth. We use Derma Rollers containing minute pointed needles that prick the scalps for better scalp circulation and to help absorb the hair growth products you use on the scalp. It is recommended to take professional help for Dermarolling to avoid any injuries.

Why Choose us

Guaranteed results

We are specialized in providing proven hair treatment.

Cost-effective Service

Our rendered hair treatment service is cost-effective

Online Consultation

We are also open to online consultation for quick hair advice.

Experienced Doctor

Highly experienced and qualified Medical professional

Post Treatment Advice

We also provide post-treatment advice to our patients.

Clean and Hygienic Environment

Maintaining a sanitary and hygienic environment is our primary focus for our patients and visitors.