Skin Biopsy

There are few skin problems which are difficult to diagnose by clinical examination. In such cases we take skin biopsy where a small part of your skin is cut and examined under microscope for final diagnosis. Treatement is then given accoerdingly. It is a simple outpatient procedure and there is no need for admission.


A skin biopsy is a surgical procedure in which dermatologist removes a small sample of skin and sends it to the lab for further deep examination under the microscope. This procedure may help your doctor to diagnose disorders accurately such as skin cancer, skin infection, or other skin disorders.


What are the types of skin biopsy available?

There are various types of skin biopsy available that include:

Punch biopsy: In this type, a circular section of the skin is removed. An instrument called a punch is used to remove the sample and it takes all layers of the lesion.

Shave biopsy: In this type of skin biopsy, a thin layer from the top or around a wound or affected area is shaved.

Incisional biopsy : In this type, a scalpel is used to take off a small sample of an affected area or lesion. This method is used for larger lesion

Excisional biopsy : In this type, a scalpel is used to remove the entire lesion. This method is used for smaller lesions.

What happens during a skin biopsy?

During a skin biopsy, a doctor will place a special instrument over the skin lesion or abnormal skin area (lesion) and remove a small sample of skin.

This sample skin layer is then sent to the lab for an in-depth examination.

If the sample is larger then you may get one or two stitches to cover the wound.

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Is a skin biopsy painful?

At most a skin biopsy feels like a slight pain as the anaesthesia is being injected in that particular site. Yes, a small amount of anaesthesia is given to the patient to create numbness on the skin, and that allows the skin biopsy procedure to be painless. You won't even feel any sensation as the layer of your skin is removed.

When is a skin biopsy necessary?

A skin biopsy test is also when your doctor faces a diagnostic dilemma by clinical examination and wants to confirm the disease with the help of a skin biopsy. It can be used to find psoriasis, skin allergy, drug allergy or cancer.

What will a skin biopsy show?

A skin biopsy results help the doctor to diagnose a variety of skin disorders including skin inflammations, bacterial or fungal infections such as eczema and psoriasis.

How long does a skin biopsy take to heal?

A skin biopsy healing period varies and depends upon the depth and size of the biopsy, the health condition you may have and the site where the biopsy is done. Most skin biopsy heals within1 to 2 weeks of time.

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